Imowasoul Music.

Imowasoul Music is the new home for a new age style of making music. Imowasoul- an acronym  for, "In My Own World’s Aesthetic Soul", is just that- an artist’s dream music label to do and be who they are, and cater to an audience who can relate .Imowasoul is a genre of it’s own, and a new kind of music label- where great music is made, artist’s are paid, giving the industry something new to sing about.

Established in 2009, the label is growing and steadily making its mark. Answering to the ply of artists for freedom of expression in their music, and a share in their craft, Third World, Soule' & Chromatic-L, founded the label. Being producers and DJ’s themselves it was easy to relate to the frustration experienced by many of their fellow music mates. So instead of forming a record label where they would make their profits from exploiting others, they formed a label where both the label and the artist could mutually benefit from each other. This then gave birth to Imowasoul Music-an independent, distribution and licensing music label, releasing and representing the freshest in alternative-psychedelic-experimental dance music.

The focus is on appealing to current audiences, as well as creating a new group of people who still love the old, adapt to the new but crave for a taste of the unknown. That is the essence of what the label is all about. Being the new kids on the block, they are heavy into exposing music digitally, but still rely on providing a tangible; hardcopy for the man on the street .It is this accessibility factor that the label wants to provide.

An indie label, they are, but small, is not what you call a group of individuals with a great vision to elevate, transform and evolve the music industry forever.
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